Thursday, 28 August 2014

What happens to footballers after being rejected?

An article published on the BBC Sport website investigates what the outcomes are for soccer's young 'rejects'.  The article reports that The Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) estimates how each summer, about 700 players are released by their clubs and cites Oshor Williams of the PFA's education department, who states "Of those entering the game aged 16, two years down the line, 50% will be outside professional football. If we look at the same cohort at 21, the attrition rate is 75% or above." 

Whilst unemployment, drugs, gambling, and prison are the unfortunate destination for some, it is encouraging for Soccermadboffins to read how other young soccer players have invested in their education, graduated from university and started new careers.  For example, former Wigan striker Michael Hazeldine studied A levels whilst learning his trade as a footballer - a move which enabled him to attend university and graduate with a degree in medicine after Wigan had released him.

To read the full article visit the BBC website here

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