Sunday, 24 July 2016

Book Launch: Brewing, Beer and Pubs: A Global Perspective

We have previously mentioned in this blog the chapter we have written ('Beer and the Boro: A Perfect Match') included in the book Brewing, Beer and Pubs: A Global Perspective.

The book was officially launched last Friday evening with a reception and panel debate, at York Brewery (York, UK). Academic experts present included the editors Prof Ignazio Cabras (University of Northumbria), Prof David Higgins (Newcastle University), Prof Emeritus David Preece, and Prof Charles Bamforth (UC Davis, California). There were also many experts and industry representatives present which made the event so much more than a purely academic or purely 'practical' event.

The book, which is published in hardback and e-book by Palgrave and available to buy here, includes contributions from academics and experts from around, covering the history of beer and brewing, Britain's controversial tied pub system, alcohol tax, the importance of village pubs, and a host of other issues.

Our chapter ('Beer and the Boro: A Perfect Match' by Dr Alex Gillett, Dr Kevin Tennent, and Mr Fred Hutchinson) focuses on the relationship between Middlesbrough FC and two breweries (Camerons, and Scottish & Newcastle) in the 1980s, when Middlesbrough faced financial difficulties:

"The sport of Association Football (or ‘soccer’) was professionalised in the 19th century and for many years has enjoyed a close relationship with beer, since brewers, hoteliers and landlords noticed the financial opportunities brought about by clubs and their supporters.  Soccer has itself received much attention within mainstream media, although only minimal attention from academic business historians.  This paper presents a case study of Middlesbrough Football and Athletic Company Limited (MFAC), from its formation in 1876 until its eventual liquidation and rebirth in the summer of 1986.  We report on the important relationships that existed throughout that time between MFAC, breweries, and hostelries, and also discuss subsequent developments. In particular, we focus on the relationships between MFAC, and the brewers Camerons, and Scottish & Newcastle."

Middlesbrough FC wearing shirts sponsored by Camerons

The York Brewery produces a fantastic array of cask and bottled beers, including the ever-popular 'Guzzler' (a refreshing session beer, 3.6%).  They also offer a range of keg beers (although the kegging takes place  at Camerons 'Lion Brewery' in Hartlepool, which coincidently features prominently in our chapter.)  

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