Thursday, 29 June 2017

Soccer Mad Boffins Present Paper at University of York Workshop on 'Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Brands in Business'

An awesome chapter from this book was presented

Coinciding with The York Management School's increased emphasis on 'inter-disciplinarity', this workshop organized by the Centre for Evolution of Global Business and Institutions (CEGBI) brought together academic experts and PhD students from a diversity of disciplines, united by an interest in studying brands.

Dr Alex Gillett's made a presention 'Over the Bar!' that was based on the Soccer Mad Boffins' recent book chapter 'Beer and the Boro—A Perfect Match!' (Gillett, A., Tennent, K. and Hutchinson, F., 2016. Beer and the Boro—A Perfect Match!. In Brewing, Beer and Pubs (pp. 303-320). Palgrave Macmillan UK.)  The study focussed on the relationship between Middlesbrough Football Club and its relationship with two brewers, Camerons and Scottish & Newcastle, which invested money in the club during the 1980s.  Discussion then turned to the relationship between soccer clubs and alcohol more broadly, and in the contemporary context of a ‘scalloped’ industry comprising fewer but larger and more global players at one end and smaller ‘craft’ style breweries at the other, with an apparent reduction in the number of mid-sized regional breweries. 

Overall, an interesting event and a good showcase for our work.  An edited version of the slides presented on the day is available here as a .pdf file.

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